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Web-Based Advanced Reporting

Although all modules in HealthOffice® Anywhere include hundreds of standard student and statistical reports, each module can now be integrated with Healthmaster's robust, Advanced Reporting tool to provide unlimited, custom reports and data analysis capabilities that have been unavailable in the past; contributing to better student health outcomes, increased attendance, and more efficient administration of the district's health resources.

Healthmaster's web-based Advanced Reporting Services is a model of business intelligence (BI) in which reports can be built and distributed by nontechnical, District Super Users from “real-time” data contained in the District's HealthOffice® Anywhere hosted database. Healthmaster provides an initial set of standard data views and application setup and the advanced reports are able to be created by trained District Super Users. These reports can be saved and used over and over as desired.

Healthmaster provides additional services on a per diem basis related to the Advanced Reporting Services including: design and programming of custom database views; consulting services relating to the advanced services; super-user support/training relating to the software and views installed and/or developed by Healthmaster for the Service; super-user support related to Advanced Reporting issues and customer-initiated requests.

Training in the use of Advanced Reporting is a two-day, onsite training for Super Users.

Advanced Reporting's goal is to empower the super-users to ask their own questions of the district's health data; with Healthmaster's web-based Advanced Reporting Services, district users can answer their own questions “as the occasion requires,” without having to request costly queries. Advanced reports can be and look as simple as a one page data table or as complex and rich as interactive tabular or cross-tab reports with drill-down and visualization features–or present themselves in the form of dashboards, heat map, or other more advanced forms.

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