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Train the Trainer Program

Healthmaster's Train the Trainer program is a five day in-service designed to create HealthOffice® Anywhere “Trainers” or “Subject Matter Experts” (SME). The five day program description and the deliverables provided are listed below:

Day 1: HealthOffice® Anywhere Account and Program Administration

The first day of training is comprised of the global elements that form the core structure of HealthOffice® Anywhere. Our participants learn the basic elements of HealthOffice® Anywhere in order to provide training on these cores structures.

Day 2: HealthOffice® Anywhere

Our focus for the second day are the services provided by the heath care provider that are unscheduled. We use the Office Visit as the quintessential event. When this structure is learned and then taught, participants may apply these concepts to any other event in the system. In addition we detail the individual and then group-based events documented in HealthOffice® Anywhere and their related concepts – how to track, rescheduled, and notify referrals.

Day 3: HealthOffice® Anywhere

The third day's focus is on the complete student electronic medical record. Topics related to the navigation of the Complete Student Record are covered, including learning how the information is displayed, how to review the data, how to add medical information, and how to print information directly from the record.

Day 4: HealthOffice® Anywhere

On this day we focus our attention on additional services and end documentation.

Day 5: Trainer Program Review /Trainer Configuration and Curriculum Development

The last day of this training is a comprehensive review of all four days. In addition, we review our training materials, training site configuration, and operational suggestions.
A training track for continuous education is created by the group. Finally a custom curriculum for end user training is created.

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