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Special Education Case Management software Features & Benefits

All of the features in the HealthOffice® Anywhere Special Education Case Management software have been designed to provide special education professionals with fast, secure, and accurate documentation capabilities allowing the district and the user to be compliant and accountable.

Some of the unique features include:

  • Individualized dashboards that allow the special education professional to have all the information they need right in front of them to perform their job quickly and accurately.
  • Calendar scheduling tool for the special education professional, the student, and the school that make scheduling tasks and processes easier, quicker, and more accurate.
  • Messaging capability that allows the special education professional to contact others regarding pertinent information.
  • IEP Case Management that allows the special education professional to capture and maintain all essential information regarding students with special needs while eliminating the duplication of student information, materially saving time for the user.
  • Custom screens containing fields that reflect the information needed for district-specific forms.
  • Complete Student Record containing all recorded information relating to an individual student in one place; information that is centrally located allowing for greater collaboration among school personnel.
  • Task Management screen that allows special education users to account for and complete specific tasks related to a special education student's case in a timely manner.
  • Navigation capabilities are made easy within the Student Search field and Student Summary screen.
  • Special Education Therapies that allow special education service providers to log therapy encounters quickly and easily and automatically record the necessary Medicaid billing information.
  • Goals and Objectives can be customized to reflect school district standards and Common Core State Standards.
  • Customizable Templates within the Task Management screen for creating a special education student case.
  • Reports that capture student information easily and are readily available, enabling the special education user to meet deadlines and timelines associated with special education.
  • Quick Events option that allows the special education user to navigate and readily access student information for logging therapies.
  • Medicaid billing integration allows the quick and accurate recording of the specific ICD-9/10 codes, procedure codes, modifiers, and other billing-required information, generally done automatically by use of templates, as a part of documenting the student encounter.
  • RtI (Response to Intervention) module that provides a place to capture Tier 2 and Tier 3 early intervening services for struggling students to improve their academic and behavior skills, and to capture information that can be used to identify students who may need Special Education services.


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