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School Nursing software (EHR) Testimonials

Registered Nurse

This is not so much about managing school health information as it is managing the students! I was inundated with 7th and 8th grade students in the health room until I started entering each student into HOA as I was seeing them. It seemed the ones who really needed the nurse stuck around to wait their turn while the others trying to avoid their next class found the process too intimidating! Actually I have also been able to learn a few things about school health management thanks to HOA. The RAD tab allows me to consider all the things I am doing and realize a bit more about the situation than I otherwise would. Also using the pain scale is very helpful to help objectify the situation and determine if done "before and after" an intervention how successful it has been.

Registered Nurse

I just returned from an absence, and a nurse covering for me was able to document her interaction with the secretary at my assigned school, regarding a student, in HOA comments. Upon my return I read her comments, and had the information I needed to continue in the care of the student's needs.

Registered Nurse

HOA is designed to keep all of us looking in the same areas for the same information. Easier on the boss too for evaluations. I know this system will make our nurses lives 'lighter'. It already does. I don't spend all night charting anymore. Or printing out forms and 3-hole punching my papers into a frenzy! My hands thank you. And my nurse brain is right behind! Thank you.

Registered Nurse

I like HOA because it simply makes me a happy nurse to find everything I need to see right in front of me. My work gets done more efficiently & accurately. And organization of information...

Director of School Health Services

The Following comments are from School Nurses and Supervisors in a Large School District after their first year [2013 – 2014] of using HealthOffice Anywhere – Nursing:

I had a situation where a parent called with some concerns related to the previous day at school with a 1:1 nurse. I was able to review the documentation from the nurse, the MD orders, and the parent authorization forms. Having the electronic record at my fingertips allowed me to talk with the parent about the sequence of events and how the nurse made ongoing assessments and provided care that was supported by MD orders. In the past, I would have had to talk with the parent without knowing any of the details; I would have then had to call the nurse get information and then call the parent back. Having an electronic system saved time, allowed me to respond to the parent and assure the parent that the nurse did follow the MD orders.

Director of Nursing Services, South Carolina

Because the billing program is built into the documentation program, there is no “double documentation” or extra work required in order to bill. The Medicaid revenue generated by our nursing services since using the program has more than tripled. We are able to use this revenue to fund much needed nurses in our schools

Coordinator of Health Services, South Carolina

The experts providing technical support at Health Office are knowledgeable not only about computer programming but about nursing process as well. They are patient, always focusing on solving the problem at hand. This support has grown to higher levels of competence as our years with Health Office have progressed. In other words, as better technology evolves Health Office keeps up with the times!

Medicaid Coordinator, Virginia

Because of the ease and support of the program and your company our direct billing has doubled from past years. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that deals with Medicaid Billing.

Registered Nurse

I am happy to share success stories using HOA! I have several examples. I work in a health room in a high school four days a week in a school that has almost two thousand students. On average, I see between 10-30 or more students a day for various reasons. For being new to the school this year, that's a lot students to get to know and remember. Charting in HOA can take some time, but I feel HOA is helpful in managing the really busy days. When a student comes into the office I immediately ask their name, DOB, and why they are there to see me. I quickly find their chart and initiate an office visit. It's nice to not have to complete the charting right then, but at least I know that the student has been seen, and I can easily see who's been seen for the day and/or if their charting is incomplete. The front office then asks for a list of students that I've seen and when for their attendance records. I can quickly look up that information on the Dashboard.

Registered Nurse in North Carolina

First let me say I do not know how we functioned without it. This program can do everything. The best part is that Healthmaster "forces" all nurses to document the same way. You and I know that this is a consistent problem in our field. My staff took to it quickly, and it does save time and energy

Registered Nurse

The HOA EMR system has allowed me to see at a glance how many students I have had nursing visits with or services I have provided during the day, week, month or to date. The capability of retrieving student data is essential to see the overall picture or trends more readily. For example I have access to data that reflects the time of day I am busiest, who I am seeing frequently, and what type of health problems/conditions are seen most often. Having an electronic medical record system has freed up the time I spent looking for charts/records, sending records back to the main office or other school sites, and then has relieved me of filing charts at the end of the day. I know I can always locate the record!! I also like the flexibility and efficiency of being able to access the student record at other locations/schools or offices I use.