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School Nursing software (EHR) Features & Benefits

HealthOffice® school electronic medical record software's functionality is the most comprehensive in the industry, providing the school nurse and the nursing administrator the tools and reports necessary for “meaningful use” and to do their job in the most accurate, complete, and efficient manner possible.

All of our school Electronic Health Records features have been designed to provide school nurses and administrators the benefits of fast, secure, and accurate documentation and reporting; generally available with one click of a button.

  • Individualized dashboard with schedules, visit logs, and much more
  • Immunization records and compliance
  • Individual and group screenings
  • Intervention and referral history
  • Daily, automatic import from your district SIS
  • Prescription scheduling, administration, & inventory tracking
  • Overwrite protection
  • Counseling and educational sessions
  • Customizable templates
  • Incident documentation and reports
  • Provides “Meaningful Use”
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Care Plan creation, execution, and monitoring
  • 13 Specialized screenings

Some of the more unique features are:

  • Individualized Dashboards containing the information you most need for your daily work
  • Complete Student Record containing in one place, all information recorded relating to an individual student
  • Custom Templates to help support standards of care, consistency of documentation and reporting, accuracy and easy and quick, real-time documentation
  • An Audit Log to provide the ultimate in overwrite protection, preserving the integrity of each medical record while providing the ability to correct or amplify the information in a student encounter
  • Calendar Scheduling Tool, integrated with the individual user's, student's and school's schedule, for quick scheduling of daily meds, procedures, appointments, re-checks, follow-ups, and tasks while eliminating scheduling conflicts
  • Comprehensive Reporting allows review of individual and group data in seconds; along with instant access to information that supports the professional role of the school nurse, assists with individual student trending for early health and academic intervention, population-based statistics for emergency planning, risk management and community-based health trending.
  • Billing Integration allows the quick and accurate recording of the specific ICD-9/10 codes, procedure codes, modifiers and other billing-required information, generally done automatically by use of templates, as a part of documenting the student encounter.
  • Health Portal allows parents to fill out district forms such as Medical History, Immunization information, Prescription Authorization, Parental Consent, and Athletic Waiver through a confidential, secure, interactive web portal easily accessed over the Internet. Once the information has been reviewed and verified by district personnel it will become part of the student's health record.

Learn more about HealthOffice® Anywhere's school Electronic Health Record software by clicking here.