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Return on Investment

Return on investment, or ROI, can be measured in many different ways. ROI includes the actual amount of money you save by implementing our software, from less money spent on staffing or overtime, to money saved by avoiding fines or the need for expensive upkeep of equipment or hardware. In addition to financial return on investment, there are also non-financial return on investment opportunities. Healthmaster's web-based, integrated solutions offer a return on investment in a variety of ways.

Healthmaster's Potential ROI

  • Healthmaster Medicaid Billing maximizes Medicaid revenue. Recapture the full cost of HealthOffice® Anywhere in 30 – 90 days
  • Eliminate all district IT hardware, equipment, and maintenance costs
  • Automatic updates eliminate costly district IT staff time
  • Comprehensive Immunization Compliance tracking & reporting
  • Assists in meeting mandated timelines, avoiding costly fines and legal costs
  • Ease of use minimizes staff documentation time and training costs
  • Maintains compliance with state & federal laws
  • eLearning allows new staff to quickly get up-to-speed
  • Comprehensive Reporting provides efficiency
  • Risk Management - secure, professional EHR admissible in court
  • Risk Management – medication inventory controls all meds, including controlled substances
  • Secure & timely communication with parents
  • Full nightly backups stored in multi-locations for added security
  • Disaster Recovery – your records are safe and secure
  • FERPA & HIPAA compliance

By utilizing Healthmaster's solutions, you can see a return on investment quickly.

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