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Onsite Training

HealthOffice® Onsite Training is our modular training program, presented at your own location. Our teaching method incorporates a blended learning model of hands-on, performance-based, and review/reinforcement training. It is designed to provide participants the opportunity to reach training objectives in a fast, easy manner, while creating enthusiasm and a positive comfort level.

Each day of onsite training is 6 hours of interactive learning led by an experienced, certified Healthmaster instructor, plus “breaks” and a half-hour lunch. The training curriculum is customizable to meet the needs of the nurse, mental health provider, special education practitioner, supervisory staff, school, and district.

Performance Based Training

Onsite training sessions are "hands-on." Participants use training department computers, accessing a special HealthOffice® Anywhere training database. Curriculum lessons are presented and reviewed through an interactive workbook, detailed exercises, and real-life scenarios; all designed to reinforce learning.

Class sizes are generally limited to 15 participants. Our smaller classes give our participants the personal attention they need to understand the concepts and techniques of their specific HealthOffice® Anywhere program.

Asking Questions

All Healthmaster instructors are certified in the operation and execution of HealthOffice® Anywhere, with several years of practical experience in both using HealthOffice® and running a school or district health office. Our training professionals are available to answer general questions before and after session breaks and at designated times throughout each training encounter.

Our onsite training programs ensure your success. We're ready to work with you; contact us today to learn more about our onsite training program.