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HealthOffice® Anywhere Special Education Case Management software contains navigation that is easy and saves the user time. Navigation is “student-centric” allowing the user to quickly navigate from any student screen to another for the same student without multiple “clicks” or starting over. The Dashboard allows quick access to all scheduled events, pending items and items logged.

Users locate students via the Student Search field. From this screen, users are able to easily navigate to the Student Summary page, the student's calendar, and log special education therapies.

Student search screenshot

Point and click on the student picture in any event will take you to that student's Complete Student Record. The Student Record screen contains all recorded student information in one place. Since the information is centrally located, it increases collaboration among school personnel. The Student Summary screen contains navigation that is easy and saves the user time. By simply clicking on the Icons, PDFs, and folders, the user has immediate access to student contact information, student calendar, student exams and events, and student plans and services.

Student Record screenshot

The Quick Events dropdown allows you to quickly navigate to a new encounter for the student.

Initiating a student encounter via quick events (screenshot)

Our Special Education Case Management software's navigation makes finding what you need simple.

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