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Medicaid Billing

Small Medicaid billing illustration

HealthOffice® Anywhere applications make accurate Medicaid billing documentation extremely easy while maximizing school revenues. The Medicaid revenue produced by the authorized Medicaid healthcare providers more than pays for the application software; it provides substantial additional revenue to the district.

So what makes HealthOffice® Anywhere Medicaid billing so unique?

  • FERPA & HIPAA compliant
  • Easily check Medicaid eligibility
  • Robust reporting tools

The difficult problem with Medicaid billing is recording all of the information needed to submit a proper Medicaid claim while ensuring each claim has been pre-audited to eliminate filing errors.

In all HealthOffice® Anywhere application modules, the documentation required to properly submit claims to Medicaid is tightly integrated in the software; data collection is just a part of the normal documentation process. There are no double recording, no bubble sheets, no extra time-consuming look-ups. HealthOffice® has eliminated all of the tedium and repetition of the billing process so you have more time to spend with students.

The Medicaid billing module offers complete control of the billing process and won't let a claim be filed without undergoing automatic pre-auditing of the essential elements of each claim. If an issue appears, HealthOffice® will display the specific problem and has an easy way for you to fix it.

As long as all encounters, services, meetings, and sessions are properly recorded for all students, as they should be in accordance with state and federal law, nothing will be missed. If the item is billable, it will be billed and Medicaid revenue will be maximized.

HealthOffice® Anywhere and Healthmaster Billing Clearinghouse services are FERPA and HIPAA compliant.