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Integrated Solution

HealthOffice® Anywhere is a web-based suite of software applications containing a robust SQL database with optional, integrated modules for:

  • Nursing Services
  • Special Education Case Management including an optional IEP writer
  • Mental & Behavioral Health Case Management
  • Risk Management
  • Advanced Reporting Services
  • Health Portal for parents
  • Tightly-integrated, Medicaid billing documentation functionality in every module when Healthmaster billing services are used

HealthOffice® Anywhere's integrated solution provides scheduling, documenting, reporting and compliance functionality that equal or exceed all requirements of local, state, and federal guidelines in a single, easy to use program and contain all of the components every school district must have in order to be accurate, compliant, secure, accountable, and fiscally sound. HealthOffice® Anywhere is IDEA, FERPA and HIPAA Compliant.

HealthOffice® Anywhere has an optional, tightly-integrated Medicaid billing module that provides the ability to record the specific ICD-9/10 code at the time any scheduled encounter, procedure, special need service, or scheduled medication procedure is initially set up to ensure proper coding when the event is documented; the code automatically is documented with the event. For visits that may not have been scheduled, all necessary medical diagnosis, procedure codes, and other required information are recorded automatically by the use of templates, or individually as a part of documenting each encounter. The program also fully integrates into all modules with the following functionality:

  • All of the state-specific billing procedure codes and modifiers for each job classification are recorded as part of the initial configuration and the software automatically restricts use of specific codes to each billing provider to her/his specific job position that was assigned as part of each user's initial set up.
  • Keeps track of parent permissions and will not allow a claim to be submitted if the district does not have appropriate parent permission on file.
  • The system will not submit a Medicaid claim for a provider needing a supervisor's review of the documentation unless the approval is documented and attached as part of the event record.
  • The system notifies the particular nurse as well as the Nursing Supervisor if the nurse's license has expired (or the renewed license date has not been entered into the system.
  • The system will not allow a claim to be submitted for any scheduled event where the student has been recorded as absent.

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