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Individualized Dashboards

Individualized Dashboards screenshot
The comprehensive, individualized dashboard is where the school nurse, nurse supervisor, or nursing administrator starts the day in HealthOffice® software. Our school electronic medical record dashboards are individualized by position.

The dashboard displays:

  • Items Scheduled – all items scheduled for that day in the particular school the nurse is currently working or, optionally, at all schools that the nurse has scheduled items. Items Scheduled includes: scheduled prescription administrations; scheduled office visits; scheduled exams; appointments; tasks; meetings; etc. Items Scheduled for future dates can be reviewed or printed and given to a substitute that may not have been given access to HealthOffice® school Electronic Health Records for nursing.
    Items Scheduled can also display prior days' items that were not completed so that they can be reconciled
  • My Messages – The software includes a quick, efficient, internal messaging system where a user can send or receive messages to or from an administrator or another user.
  • Pending Items – Any item where documentation was begun but not yet completed will be displayed in pending items. All students coming into the health office can be logged-in as soon as they appear and the documentation completed when appropriate. Any encounter that is not completed remains in pending items until saved to the database or specifically deleted. Nothing is lost, even when power is disrupted or your computer is accidentally unplugged or turned-off.
  • My Items Logged – displays all items (encounters) completed for that day by the logged-in user. Optionally, it can display or print a log for any or all days in that school year for that user.
  • Incomplete Group Exams (My Active Schools) – Displays incomplete group screenings or exams by exam type so that the nurse knows what remains to be completed in her/his schools. If you select a specific exam type, the screen will display all specific students, by teacher and grade, whose exams have not been completed – even new students, just transferring into a school during the year!
  • Billing Exception – For district's using Healthmaster for Medicaid billing, this section displays all billable items recorded by the particular nurse that contain a billing exception (error) so that the nurse can quickly return to the record and correct any error or record any missing information required for proper billing. If a district is not using Healthmaster Medicaid billing, this section will not be displayed.
  • The bottom of the dashboard allows the user to quickly access documentation guidelines, release notes, eLearning and other information.

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