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HealthOffice® Tutor is a hosted, web-based training and training reinforcement program, available 24/7 over the Internet where you can learn to master all of the amazing features of HealthOffice® Anywhere at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.

eLearning is a fast, convenient way to master HealthOffice® Anywhere and an excellent reinforcement tool to supplement OnSite and Train the Trainer training.

Learning a computer program used to mean hard work, time away from your office, and added costs. And, once training was over, you were left trying to recall what you had learned.

That's why we developed HealthOffice® Tutor. Every aspect of HealthOffice® Anywhere is thoroughly presented in a brief, but comprehensive manner, to facilitate your understanding of the program and you can return to any part of the training any time you wish.

Whether you are new to HealthOffice® or a Super-User, eLearning provides the knowledge you want to know, when you want it.

Our lessons are continually updated and will teach everything from the basics to the most advanced aspects of HealthOffice®. Our training lessons are based on the following methodology:

Show me: A movie or automated walk-through of the lesson, with audio explanation, helps you visualize the concepts.

HealthOffice<sup>®</sup> Tutor Show Me screenshot

Try me: An interactive training experience where you take the wheel and drive the lesson. Click, Drag, Hover or Highlight. Repeat the lesson as often as you like for great results and reinforcement.

HealthOffice<sup>®</sup> Tutor Try Me screenshot (1)
HealthOffice<sup>®</sup> Tutor Try Me screenshot (2)

Quiz me: Evaluate your progress and understanding with quizzes after each section and eLearning module.

Screen-by-screen, HealthOffice® Tutor gives you the options to proceed when you're ready, repeat or review lessons, do self-quizzes, and track your progress. Ready to give it a try? Contact us today!