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Custom Templates

Custom Templates screenshot

HealthOffice® school Electronic Health Records software provides the ability to create an unlimited number of global or personal custom templates. Examples of various “Office Visit” templates are displayed above.

Global templates are created by the administrator; they set consistency in basic documentation for all district users.

Personal templates are created by the user, for the user. A typical example of a personal template is when a user has a situation of care for a particular child that only applies to that child. Creation of a personal template lets the user enter this child's core information quickly and consistently.

Templates are used throughout the software to make daily documentation quick, accurate, and easy. Templates are used to “pre-record” data (including comments) that are generally entered during specific, common events or encounters; once created a template can be used over and over to facilitate quick, accurate, and consistent documentation. The custom template is just the beginning of documenting. Once selected for an encounter or event, the actual specifics are documented, changing or deleting those that don't apply, so that all that remains is accurate, proper documentation. Templates enable a user to avoid “re-typing” common attributes a user would normally wish to include as part of a specific event type.

For more information or to discuss custom templates in more depth please request a demo today.