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Complete Student Record

Complete Student Record screenshot

The student folder contains all of the information relating to a student in one convenient location, easily accessed by typing the student's name in the student search screen or “clicking” on the student's picture in any encounter dialog for the student.

You can quickly access every encounter, exam, or screening for the student that was previously documented in the software, from K to 12.

The student page, shown above, contains the most accessed current information, including:

  • Assistive Devices
  • Medical Alerts
  • Medical Problems
  • Immunizations
  • Care Plans
  • Prescriptions
  • Standing Orders
  • Exams/Event Types
  • Insurance
  • Enrollment

In addition, our complete student record includes a menu on the left side of the screen to allow you to quickly display additional screens with more detailed information for the student with one “click”:

Complete Student Record quick navigation screenshotHealthOffice® school Electronic Health Records for nurses was designed for easy, quick navigation to just the information you want to see. The first page in "Student" displays the information and quick reports that you generally need. The menu items on the left allow you to “drill-down” to greater detailed information, encompassing all aspects of data recorded for the specific student in the database.

HealthOffice® school Electronic Health Records for nurses was designed for easy, quick navigation.

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