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Audit Log

Audit Log screenshot

HealthOffice® Anywhere Nursing Services recognizes that documentation mistakes may need to be corrected or additional information may be necessary to be added to an event that has previously been recorded.

To allow changes to a medical record and still maintain overwrite protection and the integrity of every medical record, our school Electronic Health Records have a read-only, non-changeable, audit log that automatically appears whenever a specific record has been modified; is attached as an integral part of that record; and captures any changes made to that record.

When a record has been modified, an “Audit” icon automatically appears on the face of the record. Clicking on the icon displays the audit log which lists:

  • Every field changed
  • Date and Time of change
  • Person who made the change
  • Contents of field before the change
  • Contents of field after the change

No matter how many times a record is modified, the audit log reflects every change made; all changes are reflected in the audit log. The contents of the audit log can optionally be printed on most reports.

For more information or to discuss how audit logs can benefit you please request a demo today.