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Parent Portal

The HealthOffice Anywhere Parent Portal is a confidential, secure, interactive web portal for authorized parents/guardians to enter and submit forms or view information for their children. The parent portal is easily accessible by the parents through any web browser and from any location.

Information submitted through the Parent Portal is treated as confidential personal health information for school district use only. No information submitted by, or to, parents is ever shared by Healthmaster with third parties.

Using the parent portal, parents can to fill-out district forms with information for their children. Some examples of district forms that could be filled out through the Parent Portal are:

  • Medical History
  • Immunization Records
  • Prescription Authorization
  • Parental Consent
  • Athletic Waiver

In addition to data entry forms, the Parent Portal will also serve as an online tool for school personnel to share information about a student’s health record with parents. The portal will serve as a secured access point for parents to view information that the school has posted to the portal on behalf of the student and parents. In most cases, the parents will be notified via email that there is new information for them to review.

Examples of information that could be posted to the portal for the parent to view would include:

  • Immunization Compliance Status
  • Blood Glucose Readings
  • Meeting Notice
  • Care Plan
  • Form or Referral Letter to the Parent

Parents are able to connect to the portal through a web browser from home (or anywhere), enter their login credentials, and enter the data directly into a web page that has been created with the district’s specific requirements. Once the parents have completed entering the data, the form and data will be saved and reviewed by district personnel. Once the information is verified, it will become part of the student’s permanent health record for the school.

For more information about our parent portal, or its benefits and features, request a demo today.